About OA

Oddity Asylum's goal is to preserve the beauty of deceased creatures and share it with the world!


Oddity Asylum prides itself on supplying top quality preserved specimens. I have been practicing the art of insect taxidermy for several years now and all specimens have been spread, pinned and mounted by me. I have always loved these beautiful creatures and am so happy I get to showcase there beauty in what I do.

All specimens used are ethically sourced, legally obtained, legal to buy, sell and own.

Our insects are raised in conservation farms all over the world!

By purchasing a specimen you are actually aiding conservation and helping to maintain the creatures natural habitat as well as boost local economies.
Conservation Farms employ local farmers who keep native plant species and the environment intact, this provides a food source for the caterpillars. It also stops the habitat being destroyed for logging and agricultural farming.
It is because of this, butterflies in conservations Farms have a much higher survival rate from egg to adult, up to 95%! Where as in the wild their survival rate is around 5%.

Specimens should be kept in a dry place out of direct sun light to ensure the butterflies do not fade over time. Insect surface spray can be used on the back of the frame every 6-12 months to keep any critters away.

All our specimens are lovingly wrapped with craft paper & twine then packed with extra care to assure no damage occurs as well as being fully insured during transit for extra peace of mind!

Some Pieces are made to order and can take some time to prepare so please feel free to message me if you need your order by a certain date.